Redesign of the Danish Post Service mailbox

This was a little project developed in VIA UC in Horsens (Denmark) for a subject called ‘Plastics Materials and Processings’. The goal was to make a reinterpretation of the classic Danish Post Service standard metal mailbox, and redesign it in plastic. Given that the purpose of the project was to demonstrate our knowledge about possibilities working with plastics, and less to show our already solid and well proven knowledge of CAD, at instance and suggestion of our tutor I decided to carry on this project illustrating it with freehand drafts and sketches. I thought this would be a good opportunity to show my artistic skills applied to industrial design. All these sketches were made in a couple of hours, and I received a special distinction. The final grade was 9/10. More, on this set  

Other projects (2004-2006)

Floor Lamp, 2006 Project for ‘Design and Product’ course. *(still looking for pictures of this one! :S)     Automatic medicament dispenser, 2005 Project for ‘Design Methodology’ course. You can see more pictures and videos here.   . Recumbent bike, 2004 Team of three individuals. Intellectual design property shared with Jose Luis Cano Alcaide. Visualization and 3d work under my responsability. This project, made for the ‘Computer Assisted Design’ course, will be recicled years later as inspiration for one of my Erasmus International projects that you can see here.

Thermosolar heating system for a swimming pool. Final Project, Spring 2011

  Final Project, done at VIA University College, Horsens (Denmark) This project consisted in the dimensioning and design of a heating and climate control system for a dwelling, by renewable energy sources. This was done with thermo solar panels, and a biomass boiler as backup. The original purpose of this system was to keep the temperature of an indoor swimming pool and make it usable the whole year. Also, we designed a heat exchanger for the heating and air renovation system of this dwelling. The project also implied the dimensioning and draughting of HVAC installation, insulation, and installation and running costs. All of this was done according to Danish laws, as well as the climatology of this country. The project was made along with my old friend Enrique Muñoz Arjona, Mechanical Engineer by the Málaga University. Our project was supervised by Aage Bredhal Eriksen. 3D Renderings What we can see here is the visualization of the project. The model was ported from AutoCAD to 3ds max, and rendered in V-Ray.   Finally, here we can see a few stills and a short animation that take us through the house. It is not exactly the same render that was shown at the time of our presentation: the computing power budget prevented us to present this video. Nevertheless, the animation, model and environment come from the very same *.max file (this explains the poor vegetation and detailing, where there is a lot of room for improvement). The rendering was done in V-Ray,…

Human powered vehicle (Shielded recumbent trike) – Autumn 2010

International project, made at VIA University College, Horsens (Denmark) Design of a Human Powered Vehicle, within an international and multidisciplinary team, made of five distinct nationalities. A Polish and two French students worked on the economic and market aspects, while a Romanian girl and me worked on the technical aspects, under my responsibility. Given total liberty about the idea and objectives of our Project, it was my decision to build on a previous project I began to develop several years earlier in the University of Málaga, in that case, a recumbent bicycle. The purpose of this new project was to develop a kind of transport which addresses several issues: to be stable and safe, easy to use and versatile, and friendly with the environment. After a research of existing products already existing in the market, and with the precious guidance and support given by our project supervisor and several other contacts we met along the way, we proceeded to the develop this original product under my responsibility. It was a beautiful experience, not only due to the technical skills acquired, but also in a personal level. Development, design, engineering, FEM analysis and draughting was done in Autodesk Inventor. Renders and video were made in 3ds max, V-Ray and Adobe After Effects. Final grade: Honors.             Now, a simple animation, and a few stills from that video:          

Redesign of the rearview mirror of an Audi R8 (Autumn 2008)

‘Design and Product’ course project. Team of four individuals, under my responsability. This project consisted in the design, or redesign, of a part of a car. For our case we choose to redesign the rearview mirror of a sport car, in this case an Audi R8. In the end, this project resulted to be a very valuable experience, in which I learned a lot of aspects related to engineering and the process of construction of an industrial design, but also, at a personal level, of the necessity of a good coordination and a solid leadership in a teamwork, specially when the skills of every individual are very different. Work was done in Solid Edge V20, with some minor aspects in AutoCAD. Renders were made in 3ds max, either with mental ray or the scanline renderer.   Now you can check a short animation with an explosion view of our mirror.

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