Cultural Heritage preservation: photogrammetric reconstruction of Immaculate Conception’s Church (Canena, Spain)

Model made from a photografic source with photogrammetric software Agisoft Photoscan and Autodesk 123 Catch. Assembly, processing and simplification of the mesh done in Meshlab. Manual model refinement done in Google Sketchup, and textures processed in Adobe Photoshop. 3d model readily accesible clicking on  this link (Google Earth will open), and downloadable on this link: Google Warehouse. *The church model is accompanied by adjacent buildings, such as the parish center or the Telecommunications Museum (the old Town Hall), some of which are still in process of being validated by the Warehouse community. Note: Soon, a more detailed report will be made public, in which motivations, development and results of this personal project will be discussed in detail.    

3D (Test and trials)

Here you can see diverse test and trials done in 3ds max, with various degrees of post-work in Photoshop     Altough there is nothing in particular refered to the modelling of this scene (as well as the superior image, only the toy car is a model of my own), the video you are going to see has the distinction of beign rendered and illuminated using a home-made HDR image (it is actually my father’s study), using a mirror ball. Render has been made in V-Ray using IBL method, in an old Pentium IV, therefore we see a lot of artifacts due to the limitations of that machine. (…)

Building modelling in SketchUp

Immaculate Conception’s Church (Canena, Spain). Modeled in SketchUp and 3d Max (work in progress)     Interior of the Industrial Engineers Faculty of the University of Málaga, Spain. Done from a single reference image (wich in turn is an HDR panorama)

Ford Escort Mk.4 1986 (2006)

Personal project. Detailed modeling exercise, based on my old family’s car. Done using various methods, ranging from poligonal modelling, to conformed boxes, to splines. . More images, here.  

3D (various personal projects)

Note: framed under the ‘Academic’ category, there are a series of renders and videos that I think they represent a better example of my more recent skills. Here, with the purpose of sharing a more complete vision, I show you some old personal projects, where the willing of learn and exercise certain aspects of software was always my purpose. Also, you can check other works following this link.   Toy cars, 2009     Toy ‘Tente’ City, 2008   Diverse tests renderd in V-Ray. Construction is made from predefined pieces, similar to LEGO.     Bedroom, 2008   Quick modeling (only with primitives) of a bedroom. Modeling done in less than two hours. Render tests done in V-Ray   Poligonal modeling of a human face, 2004   My own face, done from a couple of photographs. Also, another model is based on the factions of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Model started from a box.   Poligonal modeling of a spacecraft, 2004   This one was my first attempt of poligonal modeling. Done in a single night, remembering the Star Wars ‘X-Wing’ fighter from memory.  

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