3D (various personal projects)

Note: framed under the ‘Academic’ category, there are a series of renders and videos that I think they represent a better example of my more recent skills. Here, with the purpose of sharing a more complete vision, I show you some old personal projects, where the willing of learn and exercise certain aspects of software was always my purpose. Also, you can check other works following this link.


Micro Tente 3d (Mental Ray) Micro Tente 3d (Vray)
Micro Tente 3d (Vray) Micro Tente 3d (Vray)



Diverse tests renderd in V-Ray. Construction is made from predefined pieces, similar to LEGO.


Micro Tente 3d (Vray)

Micro Tente 3d (Vray)



Quick modeling (only with primitives) of a bedroom. Modeling done in less than two hours. Render tests done in V-Ray



  • Poligonal modeling of a human face, 2004


My own face, done from a couple of photographs. Also, another model is based on the factions of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Model started from a box.




  • Poligonal modeling of a spacecraft, 2004


This one was my first attempt of poligonal modeling. Done in a single night, remembering the Star Wars ‘X-Wing’ fighter from memory.

x xwings

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