3D (Test and trials)

Here you can see diverse test and trials done in 3ds max, with various degrees of post-work in Photoshop

OneRing En linea y enfilados

Modelo de elevación digital del terreno - La Loma (Jaen) Terreno en 3d

City Generator

Nave Industrial

Micro Tente 3d (Vray)

V-Ray Tests

Altough there is nothing in particular refered to the modelling of this scene (as well as the superior image, only the toy car is a model of my own), the video you are going to see has the distinction of beign rendered and illuminated using a home-made HDR image (it is actually my father’s study), using a mirror ball. Render has been made in V-Ray using IBL method, in an old Pentium IV, therefore we see a lot of artifacts due to the limitations of that machine.


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